Saturday, May 2, 2015

Piato Restaurant, Kampala: Happy Birthday to me!

Now, for my Malaysian readers, in off-hand chance you do find yourself in Uganda with an appetite for perhaps some international food, perhaps you might want to try this restaurant in Kampala, Uganda. ;)
Outside the Restaurant and our host, Madame Alice and husband

Named 'Piato', it is run by a very successful businesswoman whose husband is a prominent lecturer at a local university.
The signboard to Piato Restaurant in Kampala

Credit should be given to Valerie who had made some preliminary groundwork back in Malaysia, hooking herself up with the lady who owns the restaurant, Madame Alice, by performing some legal work for her here. On telling her that she would be joining me for an expedition into East Africa, Madame Alice extended her invitation for us to visit her restaurant in Kampala when we were here, thus as soon as we found ourselves in the Ugandan capital, Valerie immediately made arrangements for us to drop by.

Grabbing a taxi (and our Japanese buddy ;)) from where we stayed at the outskirts, we headed into the city center, the initially described 'Indian' restaurant turning out to be a rather posh, well presented restaurant!
A posh restaurant that can rival any similar ones in KL. :) 

Miss (now Ms.) Valerie, who recommended us this nice break from er... camp food. :) 
Me and my fellow traveller, Vit Ping aka Ping. :)

Our Nihonjin Friend... Masanobu Noda

Once there, we were met by Madame Alice who then asked a waiter to present us with a menu. Offering a cornucopia of selections from across the globe, we settled upon an international choice. :) Valerie ordered baked fish seasoned in spices, Vit Ping ordered roasted ribs, Wai Wai ordered sizzling prawns on hotplate while Nobu and I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala with rice. :) 
Wai Wai's selection of sizzling prawns on Hot Plate.

Valerie's Selection: Baked Fish seasoned with spice and sauce. 
Vit Ping's choice of Roasted Ribs

And my and Nobu's choice of Chicken Tikka Masala... hey, it's famous all over the world! :D
For desert, surprise surprise, I was offered a Birthday Cake by the host and restaurant owner! :D Yup, it's the 23rd of August and it's my birthday! :D
Happy Birthday to me! :D
Serving the cake firstly to our gracious hosts.

Chocolate Mud Cake Africa Style! :D 
Madame Alice and her husband together with myself, Nobu and Valerie. :) 
The cake tasted very good... as good as Secret Recipe here in Malaysia. And best of all, it is ready to be ordered from the Restaurant, so if there is someone's birthday to celebrate in far off Kampala, don't forget to celebrate it here! 

A great dinner and even greater hosts! Thanks Madame Alice and Valerie! :)
Overall we had a great time at Piato. Prices here are rather reasonable and comparable to what you'd get from a fancy restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. There is also a club and a conference center at the restaurant as well so check it out.

Hehe, this blog posting has taken more than 2 years in the making and I really wish to express my thanks to Valerie for organising this unexpected birthday party in faraway Kampala. It was a welcomed break from the regular camp food we were eating, hehehe... (if anything, I lost more than 10kgs throughout the 2 week trip in West Africa). Hope to one day come here again.

For those in the vicinity, do drop by at:-

Piato restaurant & Café
Plot 20 Lumumba Avenue, 
Nakasero, Kampala
(Next to French Embassy)
Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 11:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Sunday: OPEN
You can also check out their website at
Until then... kwaheri! :D

A very happy Birthday boy in Africa. :) 

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