Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sisan Ice Kacang, Taiping

Sisan Ice Stall, Taiping, Perak.

Located in the sleepy town of Taiping in the state of Perak, it is one of the many stalls found at the local food court on Jalan Iskandar, close to the town center (Look out for the police beat base nearby).

The Police Beat Base next to the food court in Taiping on Jalan Iskandar, Sisan is nearby...

The view opposite the police beat base. Old style Pre-war buildings abound in this once bustling tin mining town.

Other hawker fares abound but what really attracted me was the unique way they presented their ‘ice kacang’. ;)

Aside from ice kacang, Sisan offers other treats as well.

Perhaps it’s the influence of the many limestone hills that dot the Kinta Valley, but the shape of their ice kacang certainly resembles one of those hills! It might also relate back to the name of the store itself. ‘Sisan’ in Cantonese roughly translates to ‘Ice Mountain’. :)

Eating the ice kacang itself requires some forehand knowledge. ;) ‘Undermining’ the base might result in the whole ‘mountain’ toppling over resulting in a rather wasted and messy predicament.

Ice Mountain!

The proper way to eat it is to ‘carve’ along the sides of the ‘mountain’, then eating from the ‘summit’ before going down to the base. At the ‘foot’ is a treasure trove of goodies with peanuts, cendol, red bean and corn among the choices for you to savour.

You can further enhance this culinary experience by pairing this treat with some fruit rojak which is also offered at the stall. For me, however, eating the ‘ice mountain’ is sufficient experience in itself and for about RM1.30/bowl (2010 pricing), its a steal! :D

So guys, do look out for it when in Taiping!

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