Monday, August 10, 2009

Restaurant Yut Kee: Pork Feast

Sunday, 9th August 2009, made a pilgrimage to Restaurant Yut Kee on the recommendation of my cousin, Li Chen. Located at the junction of Jalan Munshi Abdullah and Jalan Kamunting in KL right under the shadow of the KL Tower and close to the Dang Wangi Police Station, this humble looking corner shop tucked in the concrete jungles of Kuala Lumpur offers a surprising variety of very tasty pork dishes. Arriving at close to noon, Henry, Hoong Yi, Li Chen and myself found the shop full with customers with more standing on the kerb side awaiting their turn to get seats.
The crowd at Yut Kee

A number of fashionable and very rich looking rides were parked somewhat illegally on the side of the road, testimony to the 'standard' of the clientele that frequent this shop. Not coming from the ranks of the 'rich and priviledged', I have chosen to stable my car at a nearby parking lot further down, RM3.00 the payment we left with the usual 'jaga kereta' that haunts the place. The lady 'tauke' of the business was up and about, efficiently noting down and allocating the seats to customers as soon as they are available. We waited for about 15 minutes savoring the sight of two rolls of its famed sliced roast pork being prepared to be served on a table placed outside of the shop. Good advertisment if I would say.
Yut Kee's famous mouth watering roast pork! Mmmmm...

The interior of the shop was typical traditional kopitiam, complete with marble tabletops, classic wooden chairs, overhanging mirrors, faded, stained signboards and those signature porcelein coffee cups. Being first timers, we ordered the most famous of dishes served here, that is the pork chops, roti babi, belacan fried rice and of course two servings of those succulent looking roast pork! :p Well, as you would note by now, the food here is far from 'HALAL'. Complementing this pork fest is an order of roti bakar which Li Chen has suggested we use to dip in the Hainanese style sauce that will lace the freshly prepared pork chops. ;) Due to the full house crowd, we had to wait a little longer for our meals to be served, with the first offering being the slices of roast pork. Served in two slices on one plate, it is only available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
A serving of Roast Pork

For orders of one complete roll, I am told that you'd have to order at least one day in advance. The taste did not betray its reputation. The meat itself was juicy and tender with a hint of seasoned spice. It's skin was crunchy, it's salty tange coming together with the meat in perfect combination. The apple sauce served at the side is rendered almost unessential, but should you still want to heighten the 'experience', you are very much welcomed to spread it over the tender meat. ;) Next to come were Henry's and my pork chops, served Hainanese style with brown sauced over green beans, sliced potatoes and one complete boiled potato. :)I have tried a number of so called 'Hainanese' Chicken Chops before and I have to say, the style prepared here at Yut Kee is as close as it gets to the real thing!
Hainanese Pork Chop

The Roti Babi which came after the pork chops was as good as the rest, featuring sliced pork in soft fluffy bread. To spice things a little bit, feel free to add a dash of Lea's and Perrin's sauce. ;)
Hoong Yi and his roti babi... hmmm 'ada bakat' jadi 'host' ;)

Finally, came the belacan fried rice. Infused with chilis, it was a tad bit too hot for the palate, Hoong Yi having to quench his burning throat with generous doses of iced coffee.
Hoong Yi with his belacan fried rice... sure you are not looking for a career in food hosting? ;)

We took some time to discuss on the day's next events as I took time to savour the surroundings, noting the continuous stream of people coming and leaving the shop, some of them bearing boxes of Yut Kee's butter cakes and kaya rolls. Safely locked in this very old looking display case, I am told once again by Li Chen that it is something worth savoring with a cup of hot black coffee on a warm lazy Sunday afternoon. A while later, we called for the bill as I made note of getting a box of those butter cakes for a munch at home. The cost of the meal wasn't that unreasonable, considering it was very nicely prepared and delicious. A plate of 2 slices of roast pork costs RM10, the pork chop costs RM9, Roti Babi costs RM7.50 and the belacan fried rice costs RM5.50. The kaya roll costs RM8.00 while the butter cake I bought costs RM14.00.
Prices of food at Yut Kee (click on the pic for a better view)

Overall a good outing for a fine Sunday, a worthy replacement to a previously planned and later found cancelled trip to Lubuk Kawah! :p :)


  1. guess what dude, thanks to ur blog, i went here today, awesome man. and today for the 1st time they served pork roast on saturday. thanks again man

  2. The pleasure is ALL mine dude... ;) That's what the blog is for... :)