Monday, March 2, 2009

Lily's Birthday

Meet my Shih Tzu, Lily. :) She is a good three year old today and as spritely as ever!

She loves treats, taking the occasional car ride and a good belly rub. :)

She came to us when she was a wee puppy, brought in by my aunt from the vetenarian's clinic one evening. It was the Year of the Dog and almost everyone was getting a puppy at that time for good luck.
Did she bring good luck? Well... I don't know. ;)

But one thing's for sure, since then, she has developed into quite a terror; preying on the hapless newspaper on the coffee table, ambushing the lone wallet on the bedside cabinet and harrasing my sister's Shih Tzu, Cuddles. :) But how can you get angry with her when she looks back at you with those puppy dog eyes? ;)

Now when she isn't harrasing inanimate objects and other dogs or our Indonesian cleaner (who comes every Sunday to clean up the house), she would be harrassing me. ;) Hiding behind the door in the opposite room or under my bed, she would wait for me to reach the staircase before pouncing and racing me down the stairs, trying to be the first to reach the bottom. Works the same way when I climb up the stairs as well and if she knows she will reach second, she would be howling her way up in dismay. (Now who says dogs cannot also be kiasu?)

When she is a little more 'sedated', then you would see her lying down by my chair as I fiddled at the computer or curl up beside me as I read my latest installment of the 'Horus Heresy'. ;) An almost 'perfect' companion! (If only she was human and less 'hairy' ;))

Truly, dogs are indeed 'Man's best Friend'.

Their devotion and loyalty is never questioned and they offer their love unconditionally. They are there to cheer you up in the worse of times and in the best of times.

Happy Birthday Lily! And May you always be showered with love and care :)

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  1. Go lily go...Drive your owner crazy,mine's about there....